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About The Book

Shaina Fishman has been photographing domestic animals for nearly a decade. Her debut book Between Two Dogs explores in photographs the relationships between dogs. The 144 pages of smile-inducing and captivating photographs are a wealth of visually compelling, delightful, irresistibly cute, and humorous images depicting dogs interacting, laughing, playing, yawning, and cuddling together for a nap. Fishman expertly personifies her canine subjects to depict the affection, friendship, annoyance, love, and broad emotional range found between two dogs. The unique interactions and idiosyncrasies of the dogs often mirror the relationships we have with our friends and loved ones.

Fishman photographed 30 pairs of dogs, consisting of an adult and puppy or two puppies of the same age. A wide variety of breeds are represented in the book including Golden Retrievers, Pugs, French Bulldogs, Dalmatians, and many more.